Screwcaps For A glass of wine– Is It Bye-Bye To The Romance?


Maybe you have actually noticed screwcaps on more of the greater valued white wines lately. The trend is remaining to grow therefore is the argument of whether a screwcap or cork is much better for a glass of wine. The sector has basically “accepted disagree” regarding whether a glass of wine bottled with a screwcap or a cork preferences better, ages better and has less of a tendency to spoil.

As more vineyards think about utilizing screwcaps as opposed to the conventional cork, one has to wonder exactly how the general public at large will certainly approve the adjustment in practice. When the periodic red wine enthusiast sees a $20 container of red wine with a screwcap, will he move to the next bottle on the shelf due to the fact that he invoking thoughts in his mind of his college years and Boones Farm Apple A Glass Of Wine?


Corks hold practice as well as romance for a bottle of a glass of wine. It’s tough to envision eating at a great eating facility and also purchasing a container of white wine without expecting the waiter pull out his curl. Viewing him thoroughly reduced the foil, masterfully turn the screw right into the cork, and providing it a pull with a last, ever before so mild, pop, is part of what we pay for when we buy a bottle of white wine. It’s shear love; it’s a minute we keep in our memory of a wonderful eating experience.

Why would certainly a vineyard wish to change an olden custom that holds a lot appeal? Well, obviously the occurrence of glass of wines being spoiled because of the cork is a relatively huge issue. One report from the International Wine Difficulty, the world’s largest a glass of wine competition, states that nearly one in 20 bottles, or 4.9% of the 11,033 bottles opened up at that competitors had spoiled or the flavor had been flattened due to the cork.

Exactly how is the cork responsible for the mess up of so much a glass of wine? Cork is a tree bark and when red wine corks are made, chlorine bleach is made use of for cleansing as well as lightening up the shade. When the bleach can be found in contact with the all-natural mold and mildews that exist in the cork, a reaction takes place and a chemical called trichloroanisole (TCA) is produced. If this chemical comes in contact with the red wine, it will cause it to taste like moist cardboard. When this takes place the white wine is after that described as being “corked”, and it is undrinkable.

Screwcaps have actually proven themselves to be a far better alternative to cork. First developed in Australia, the brand for screwcaps utilized for red wine is Stelvin, so you will commonly hear them described therefore. These caps are not the same as those utilized for food and also beverage; these caps are specifically made to secure fine wines from tainting for an amount of time and to permit aging. Primarily the part of the cap that really get in touches with the red wine is made from a slim layer of Teflon film over pure tin, this provides the cap the ability to stay steady and flavor-neutral for a long time.

There are some screwcap doubters that say the Stelvin caps do not allow for appropriate “breathing” so the a glass of wine can age, however, this is a misconception. If a cork is excellent and works the way it is expected to function, it will certainly not allow air into the bottle. In fact, oxygen is potentially dangerous to the white wine and also really unnecessary for the aging process. To estimate a leading Bordeaux authority Professor Pascal RibĂ©reau-Gayon in the “Manual of Enology”,

” responses that occur in bottled a glass of wine do not need oxygen”.

And one more authority, Teacher Emile Peynaud of Bordeaux states,

” it is the reverse of oxidation, a process of reduction, or asphyxia through which wine develops in the bottle”

So, as we watch a trend create of vintners moving toward making use of screwcaps we, the wine-drinking public, are simply going to have to pertain to terms with the truth that screwcaps have actually confirmed themselves. As a result of the Stelvin, we customers will certainly have the ability to delight in better preserved as well as better sampling wine in the years ahead. Actually, rather than considering moving to the next bottle on the shelf due to the screwcap, we need to be seeking out the a glass of wine that delights your taste buds no matter whether it makes use of a screwcap or not.

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